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"Say Goodbye to Boring Parties Forever By Learning How To Slump Bottles And Make Cheese Trays, Bar Cutting Boards And Create Functional Art that Sizzles!"

The word "slump" means: to fall, sink or collapse.
To slump a glass bottle is: to make it collapse into a nice flat shape
So we can use it for our many entertaining and decorative needs!


From the Desk of
Theresa Deatherage

Welcome "Glass with Vicki Payne" viewers!
If you watched my episode on TV and came here to learn more, Thank You!

Dear Fellow Artisan,
If you'd like to:

  • Create extra special holiday gifts that your friends will absolutely love.
  • Make some cash, selling your own crafts, by creating something that people will really want to buy.
  • Save money by not buying expensive gifts for your friends (that they probably won't even use).
  • Have your own unique party trays for cheese or hors d'oevres made from your favorite wine bottles.
  • Cut fresh limes for your margaritas on a glass cutting board that you made from a tequila bottle.
  • Save space by slumping and displaying those special bottles that are still sitting in the closet from your children's weddings.
  • Make your friends jealous by knowing the technique that they'll never even guess how you did it.
  • Say goodbye to boring parties forever.


Then this might be the most important letter you'll ever read.


Here's why:

Right now you are on this website because you probably fall into one of these four categories:

You want a wine bottle cheese tray because you have seen them, they are absolutely beautiful, and go with your home décor.
You want to know how to make slumped bottle trays. You have a beautiful bottle that you want to make something out of.
You want to make some real money at the next craft faire
You are frustrated with the incomplete information you have found on this subject and you need guidance from an expert with a method that really works.

I understand what it is like to want to have or make something and not know where to begin. I have seen and worked with many other artisans in the same situation as you. It is rewarding to see what people can create on their own with just some necessary guidance. I love to use slumped bottles at my house when I’m entertaining, and I love the attention they get from my friends. When I tell them that I made it, they are amazed. I want you to know that feeling of pride! I want to teach you this fun craft so you too can give your friends awesome gifts or make some extra money selling them in your town. People want pretty slumped bottles and you can make them. I will help you. Guaranteed!!

Here are the problems you face
when it comes to slumping bottles
on your own

Your main questions are probably "Can I make these, too?", "Where do I turn for information?", "What kind of bottles can I slump?", "What steps do I take to prepare my bottles so they will look their best after they are slumped?", "How do I setup the kiln?", "Besides being pretty on the table, what else can I use them for?"

There are no classes, books or television programs that cover this subject. Bottle Slumping seems to be some unspoken thing in the art world. Seriously, you will be surprised at how many people really do not know how it is done. Think about it. When was the last time you heard of a class on "Bottle slumping...Bring your own bottle and leave with a cheese tray"... it just doesn't happen. You may even find a book about fusing art glass, but it's not the same technique and these books are clearly not written for a beginner.

Searching the web will most likely bring up a person selling slumped bottles that may not be as nice as the ones you can make for yourself at a fraction of the cost, or a brief instruction without enough information to actually do it yourself, safely.

I heard of a lady who put a bottle in a 500 degree oven, thinking that would be hot enough to melt it, and all she did was smoke up the house. That definitely is not hot enough to melt glass (a kiln is required), but I give her credit for an honest attempt to make something she really wanted to make. I wonder, did she know how to properly clean and dry her bottle? Did she know how to save her pretty label to reapply it? I'm guessing, probably not.

What Is The Only Solution
That Will
Have You Slumping Your Own Bottles in a Flash?


The Answer is..

"The Art of Bottle Slumping", an ebook

Thanks Theresa,
I just finished my first bottle by your directions and it turned out perfect…Your book explained everything very well and the photos were great!!
Thanks again,


My joy of entertaining and desire to have many unique serving trays and cool gifts to give to my friends has led me to put this book together for you. The experienced and passionate bottle slumpers I mention are my family. We all do it. I don't want you to go through the time consuming and frustrating process of trial and error that we went through. I want you to learn it all and begin to enjoy making your own cheese trays and bar cutting boards as soon as possible. You will see the admiration on your friend's faces, as they tell you that they want one too. Just last week I had two male friends request that I slump specific liquor bottles for them to use as a lime cutting board at parties (after they saw my husband using his).

This guide is the one book you will get today that will have a major and lasting impact on you, creatively. You can begin today and have a party this weekend to show off what you have made. I know this because I have done it. In 2 days you can have 8 slumped wine bottle trays.

Download Your Copy Here


Dear Theresa:
Thank you. I’m so glad I found your book. I will send you pictures of my work. I’ve found some decent decorative pieces of glass I’m going to experiment with for designs. I’ll let you know how those turn out…
Linda G

Hi Theresa,
I promised I’d let you know how my first firing went. It went very well. The bottles slumped nicely…I’ll take pics and send to you. Thank you so much for all your help.
Linda G


Why Should You Listen to Me?


Four Reasons To Believe What I Say

Reason one: Bottle slumping is not something you can study in a lab. The only way to become an expert bottle slumper is through practice. We have spent years perfecting our skill. I know how to slump bottles fast and get the results I want. We spent many years learning how to slump successfully, so you don't have to. Just follow my lead and cut down your bottle slumping time by more than 95%

Reason two: Whenever displaying the bottles, either at a craft faire, party or gift giving occasion, people ask, "How did you make that?" or "Will you make me one with a ___ bottle that I have?". I know we are doing something right if we have slumped hundreds of bottles and have only a few left for ourselves!

Reason three: I have been an artisan in a family of passionate artisans for over 35 years. This is our life. We do this almost every single day. Our expertise cannot be matched by just anyone. For that reason alone you owe it to yourself to get your hands on this amazing book.

Reason four: I am a successful, creative woman. Together, you and I share the bond of creativity. As an inspired human being yourself, no one can take that away from us. This ebook is written with easy to understand steps and references. I know what it's like to have the desire to learn something only to find that nobody wants to show you. I know what's its like to be stressed out and exhausted and still need to create, release and meditate on something I enjoy doing. I have taken all this into consideration. Why have I done so? Because I've been there, done that. This book did not originate in a fancy workshop. This book is written for you the busy person. It is easy to read with many pictures and examples of all the projects I have mentioned.


Mom & I at the Spring Fest, selling our Melted Bottles! It's fun to do this together!


Remember This...
Every human being has the ability and power to create.
While there are important technical steps that you need to learn in order to slump bottles successfully, you simply need to be imaginative and expressive. Don't think for one second that you can't do this or that you are not creative. Also remember, even experts have made boo-boos. That is how we learned.


Thank you, thank you, thank you! Love the book!! What an abundance of talent in you and your family!! Why not move to … N.C.!! Sure could use you! Thanks for sharing and making this book available!!
Nancy H


Here Are the Reasons You Want To
Start Slumping Right Away

Make Cash - You can make money selling the most popular wine bottle gift today at your local craft faire or retail store.

My Mom & I sell our bottles at local bazaars and festivals. Visit our new Etsy Store at

Entertain - At parties you can bring out the fancy cheese or hors d'oevres & serve it on a platter that you made from a beautiful wine or liquor bottle.

Feel Proud -Have a unique glass tray in your kitchen or bar that gets everyone's attention

Save Money - Make your own gifts for family, friends, employees, co-workers for Birthdays, Christmas, Hanukah, Retirement or Just Because they requested one!

Reduce Stress - Studies show that by learning a new hobby you can reduce mental stress in your life and learning a craft hobby in particular can keep your mind sharp and agile which can help prevent memory loss.

Have Fun - Wait till you start looking at bottles in this new light. You will start seeing the possibilities and there will be no stopping you. You might even start buying certain wines just because you like the label and see the potential for a cheese tray (I'm guilty of that).

Sometimes we simply display our bottles on the dining room table and invite our friends over to take a look. (They usually buy one or place an order.)



All of this can be yours, but you need to get your copy of
The Art of Bottle Slumping


…I also appreciate your spending time & energy to make up the instructional booklet- It is unusual to find such a thorough how-to guide, in order to dive into a new project.
Suzanne H


Here is what you are going to learn in
"The Art of Bottle Slumping"

  • What kind of glass bottles can be slumped?

  • Where can you get bottles for free.

  • What color glass bottle should not be used.

  • 10 essential steps to prepare your bottle for slumping.

  • The best strategy for removing labels using a few items you probably already have in your kitchen.

  • What to do if a label rips a little when removing it.

  • The best ways to make sure your slumped bottle does not have water stains in it.

  • Two great ways you can get your bottles slumped if you do not own a kiln (a necessity for this project). I will tell you how to buy a kiln or find one to use at very little cost.

  • How a firing journal can be your best kept slumping secret.

  • A little trick to make sure your finished wine bottle cheese tray doesn’t scratch your coffee table.

  • At least 5 different ways to decorate, use and/or display your slumped bottles.


I just downloaded your e-book. Looks good… I have a bunch of bottles and am ready to start fusin’ and slumpin’. I needed an organized source for firing and getting labels off, etc. Your e-book looks like it will be a big help.
Nancy Y

Make your own slumped bottles now
and have a party this weekend to show them off

You get at least 10 times your money's worth

For the one time investment of $49.95 you can decide to say goodbye to boring parties, boring gifts, and boring craft projects that cost more than their worth. Put and end to the misery by this weekend. As an incentive for you to act now, I will take an additional $20 off the regular price and discount the book to $29.95. That's a 40% savings. I am only keeping the discounted price for a limited time! You must act fast.

If you are still undecided let me give you these free bonuses
you will not get anywhere else

Bonus 1: I am available to you via email for any questions you might have after you have read the ebook. It's like having me right over your shoulder guiding you. Reality is, I know my ebook cannot be a one size fits all. So, the only way I can make sure your exact questions are answered is to communicate with you directly. After you place your order, you can submit your question through email. You will get an answer from me as soon I read your email. No one else on the internet can do this for you.

Bonus 2: Free journal page that you can print out and use throughout your bottle slumping journey. This will help you keep track of all your successes, so you can remember everything you did and will help you make future adjustments in your creativity. No need to go buy a special book or binder, just keep this page handy in your work area. ($9.95 value)

Bonus 3 (I saved the best for last): Advanced Techniques! I will give you my Bonus Tips for FREE! This includes advanced firing techniques like sagging, adding color, using photos and various ways to display your bottles. This is by far the best bonus (a separate download) at a $19.95 value!


In sharing these testimonials with you, I have only removed personal information and technical questions that may have been asked. Otherwise these are word-for-word!

You, too, can email me with your questions and comments. I am happy to hear from you.


Download your copy now and say good bye to boring parties forever!!

Let's Look At Everything You Are Getting

Not only will you have your very own beautiful and unique slumped bottle cheese trays and functional art that sizzles you will save $100's on buying useless gifts for people and have potential for creating a new cash making hobby!

Every one of the bonuses listed above is valuable. Because you are making a decision and buying my book today, I will give them to you for free. If you call my office or come back next week, you may have to pay regular price for them. Today is your chance to get them free.

You will have the course in less than 2 minutes. Can you believe it? You are less than 90 seconds away from saying goodbye to boring parties forever!

Your decision seems like a no brainer to me. But wait..

My guarantee is simple. I want you to purchase the course completely at my risk. Read through my ebook, "The Art of Bottle Slumping". After 30 days of using my methods, I want you to have at least one party at your house and ask your friends for their opinion. If you do not feel proud and have at least one person begging you to make them a slumped bottle I want you to email me for an absolute no questions no hassle refund. It's that simple. Basically...either you enjoy the bottle slumping experience or the ebook costs you nothing.

Don't worry about the FREE Gifts. They are yours to keep. I am so confident you will enjoy this art of bottle slumping that in the event you ask for a refund I want you to keep everything just for giving The Art of Bottle Slumping a fair try.

IMPORTANT: Getting your copy is super easy. Because I am an artisan and not a computer expert, I wanted to make sure you can download your copy without any hassles or problems. That's why we made the order process absolutely fool proof. Once you place your order, Paypal gives you a page where you can print your receipt, on that page there is a button on the lower left side of the page that allows you to "return to merchant ", just click on that button and you will be directed to my download page, so you can start downloading the ebook in as little as 90 seconds. If you have any problems, you can email me and I will help you.








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P.S. When you download your copy of The Art of Bottle Slumping you will want to start right away. I encourage you to get the opinions of your friends. You will see what a hot item this really is! Not to mention, the joy of feeling less stress, by having a fun new hobby, will far outweigh the $100's you will save in buying silly gifts for people that they won't really use.

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